Finding out what the healthcare profession is doing to help new migrants

The so-called ‘migrant crisis’ puts NHS services back under the spotlight. We know that lots of good work goes on at the frontline of Primary Care; where patients meet GPs, health visitors and community workers trying to ‘bridge the gap’ between healthcare services and the needs of new arrivals.

Much of this work goes unrecorded. This research project, led by the University of Sheffield’s public health and primary care researchers, will record and review what is good practice and innovation in providing care for dynamic and diverse populations.

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A great response to the 5 min survey

There has been a great response to the 5 minute survey on provision in primary care for new arrivals. We have over 60 responses from all over the UK. There are also some themes starting to emerge: more than 4 out of 5 respondents are seeing migration in their area increase either rapidly or steadily. GP practices are responding in various ways – some are just ‘getting by’ and putting in place new practices and processes as they go along; others have adapted over time and now provide more ‘bespoke’ provision including comprehensive health checks on registration and innovative cross-partner working.

Unsurprisingly to GPs and health professionals working in this field, many are limited in what they can do because of lack of funding, lack of time and limited training.

We are now in the case study phase and we’re choosing a range of practices to demonstrate in more detail what they do, why they do it and what it achieves. In there somewhere are some learning points and opportunities to test how effective these practices are. We will take these forward too.

Please continue to distribute the link to the survey to colleagues. We will keep it open for another month

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Short survey launched to capture practice

Today, the project launched a short survey to capture practice in primary care for new migrants. The aim is to establish a rough picture of who is doing what for whom in the UK. From this, we hope to identify common practices, constraints and what practitioners would like to do more of. Share it between your partners and colleagues using the Survey link or the Google Forms link: