Something about the background to this …

This short project will only scratch the surface of what is a huge topic of public interest: how the NHS can cope with changes in the population caused by immigration. Of course, there are many other big changes to the population taking place but this one seems to attract the attention of the public and the the press like no other. The political nature of immigration even makes asking the question difficult; with a whole host of underlying assumptions tied up in the language of the ‘migration issue’.

Putting politics aside, treating new and different populations is also of great professional importance to GPs who are bound to principles of fair and just practice. Primary care is used to innovating when met with new circumstances but much of this emergent practice goes unrecorded and sometimes unrewarded. Some Primary Care practitioners may feel that the wheel is constantly being reinvented. Putting innovations down on paper or under the noses of commissioners and patients is sometimes difficult to do if time and resource are under pressure. This is undoubtedly the case in General Practices that are faced with large patient lists and many new registrants from unfamiliar places.

The project will – with the partnership of General Practice and local third sector organisations – seek to document some of these practices and identify some case studies that show promise for further testing. It is one small piece of the puzzle.  Stay in touch with the blog to assess its progress.